Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is part of a holistic system of healthcare that originated in China several thousands of years ago and has evolved over time. TCM includes manual therapy (called Tuina), acupuncture, cupping, therapeutic exercises, herbal therapy, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. TCM views the body and mind as a whole, in relation to the larger physical and social environment around you. In this way, it addresses how illness uniquely manifests itself in an individual.

While Traditional Chinese Medicine is relatively new to the Western world, its theoretical concepts and practices are increasingly validated by contemporary scientific research. Modern research confirms TCM’s ability to positively influence neurological, circulatory, hormonal and endocrine systems.

Eastern Nutrition

Eastern Nutrition 

Diet and nutrition are a key component in Traditional Chinese Medicine and provide a solid foundation for your vitality. Food is one of the most important and least costly ways to restore and maintain your health. TCM dietary therapy involves assessing which foods will support your unique constitution, how you can eat to manage “disharmony” and how to modify your diet. In TCM, foods are “prescribed,” much like herbs or supplements.

The wonderful thing about TCM dietary therapy is that there are no absolutes and it's not overly restrictive. There is no calorie or fat counting and nothing is forbidden. TCM food consultation includes an assessment of your current diet, eating habits, goals and constitution, as well asFood lists and dietary recommendations that are easy and realistic for you to follow

Therapeutic Exercise

Chinese Medicine has a rich tradition of therapeutic exercises designed to rehabilitate injuries, improve balance, manage pain, regulate organ function, calm the nervous system and boost immunity and energy. These exercises incorporate a combination of special breathing methods, stationary postures, relaxed movement, strengthening and stretching moves, and different types of meditation. These forms are known as Dao Yin, Qi Gong and Nei Gong. When practised regularly, they can greatly accelerate the healing process and/or assist in the management of chronic conditions.



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