Sane Guidelines to Eating

Knowing how to eat is getting ridiculous! At any given time there are new breakthroughs about B12 levels; food combining; calorie intake; raw, macrobiotic or high-protein diets; the Zone; alkalinity vs acidity; detoxing…Ahhh! Food is moving further away from the sensual experience of eating to an intellectual one. Mmmm that protein looks good, is it homemade? There are some simpler approaches to eating.

Be aware of the energetic quality of food and how it affects you.

By energy I mean what the food does to you in relation to the state of your body. For example, chilies are hot. They bring energy to the surface, induce perspiration, and open the lungs. If you already have a lot of heat in your body (sweat a lot, feel agitated, or have red eyes) hot sauce, or any heating foods, will probably make you feel worse.

Use food as medicine.

If you do put extra hot sauce on your roti and feel worse, this gives you some insight into the energetic state of your body. If you know hot foods agitate you, opt for something cold. Inversely, if you’re congested, cold, or lethargic, hot sauce can make you feel better.

Enjoy it.

Turn off the TV, sit down with good people, and chew. Inhaling food or being preoccupied while eating, can lead to poor assimilation and food stagnation, all of which contribute and add to other health problems.

The rotation method.

People have never had the kind of access to the varieties of foods that we do today, yet we habitually consume the same things. Mix up flavors and colours. Rotate with the seasons. Avoid eating the same thing every day. This will ensure that you get all the nutrients with out having to rely too much on vitamins and supplements.

Eat food not “food.”

If you can’t pronounce it you should avoid it. These foods are designed for a long shelf life and in the process lose most of their nutritional value or energies. Try sticking to fresher and less-processed foods. There are large lists of how food can be energetically grouped according to food theory in Chinese medicine. Of course, this is not a one-to-one match with reality and are sometimes contradictory. The great thing is, we can use this information, experiment for find out what works for us.