Ways to Stay Cool and Enjoy the Heat

This year, it’s gonna be a scorcher!

As much as being outside feels great, many of us come to regret it later. As the temperature climbs, here are some tips to stay healthy and enjoy the summer sun.


If the temperature inside your home or workplace is 20 degrees while outside it’s 35 degrees, it’s going to be difficult for your body to adapt to the contrasting environments. Each time you move from home to office to home again, your body must adjust to these drastic temperature changes. The result is an overtaxed immune system.

Try to avoid these peaks and valleys of hot and cold by keeping air conditioner use to a minimum. Instead, try to use fans, windows and light clothing to beat the heat. If you work in an office environment, ask about turning air conditioning down. If this isn’t possible, dress more warmly while at work.

Protect yourself during the hottest periods of the day

If you exercise or work outside, try to do any strenuous activities before 11AM and after 3PM. If you have been in the sun, pace yourself, wear light-colored reflective clothing and stay hydrated. Apply sunblock. If you feel dizzy, get out of the sun as soon as possible.


Eating lighter and cooler foods seems pretty obvious. Foods that clear summer heat in Chinese medicine are melons, mung beans, mint and chrysanthemum tea. Too many cold drinks will have an adverse effect on digestion, especially if you tend towards feeling cold. If you are generally warm, avoid hot, greasy and spicy foods.